Friday, May 10, 2013

Remembering Radia!

Do you remember Radia – one of my patients from Togo? If not – here are the links to previous blog posts of how this wonderful young girl touched my heart and became a forever friend. 

 Meet Radia

The Best Experience of My Life!

With the help of some donors, last year I was able to pay for Radia’s tailor training. When asked what she wanted to do for a living, she proudly stated she wanted to be a tailor. At 14 (we think, keeping track of age is difficult here), Radiatou had never been to school because of the large tumor that was growing on her face. Since traditional school was out of the picture, we surrounded Radia with the chance of a life time. A skill that will always be needed and could always help provide for her. 

The tailor training is rigid and 3 years long but I’ve been getting regular updates from my day worker Emilie. Radia has been hard at work trying to prove her abilities. Over Christmas, I sent the last installment of the funds for her schooling with a little extra money for some fabric. In return and to thank me, Radia made me two outfits and had them shipped to me in Conakry. 

I was a little nervous when Emilie said they were pink and purple – not traditionally the best colors for a red head! However, when I received the two outfits I was amazed at how well they are made and fit. I’ve lost some weight so they guessed the difference in size. The only thing that needs adjusting is the skirt (it’s being held up with binder clips in the photo below).

Thank you everyone who supported Radia! I can’t thank you enough! Your support goes farther than you could ever imagine!

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  1. Beautiful! This story, the support, Radia, the outfits and my kid sister! All Beautiful!!