Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Important Mission Update

Over the past two years you have partnered with me bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. It is through partners like you that I’ve been able to develop relationships with the hurting and the helpless to share the pure love of our Lord Savior. We have helped Radiatou, Mama Theresa, Tani, Modi, Thierno, and so many more patients and crewmembers. Those lives are forever changed and you are apart of that.
My two-year contract is coming to a close and I’ve had some very large decisions to make. Due to my involvement with my National Honors Society, I’ve been given a large grant to finish my degree. I have a year left in Operations Management. After many discussions with leadership in Mercy Ships I have decided to take a year to finish my education. By finishing my education, I will be able to come back to Mercy Ships and offer even more skills to help this mission succeed. There is a large need for this type of expertise within this organization and it is difficult to find qualified personnel who are willing to volunteer. An operation like Mercy Ships not only has a functioning hospital, but a fully operating village and community. They constantly need to conduct operations away from the ship to help spread the word for surgery and educate locals in a variety of topics.
Upon my return to Mercy Ships, these are the types of operations I will be in involved in. By taking a year to finish my education, I am also allowing myself some time to fundraise for my next two-year commitment length. It has been difficult to stay in service due to a lack of finances coming in and by taking a year to reevaluate and fundraise I am praying I will be able to return to Mercy Ships fully funded. Over the past few months I have been increasingly short of my monthly goal – the last two months I have been short $700 a month. If you would like to give to help cover my last expenses my account through Mercy Ships will be open until August 10, 2013. After this time, Mercy Ships will deactivate my account until closer to my return date.
I will be carrying a very heavy school workload to be able to return to Mercy Ships in a year. While my education costs are covered my basic living expenses are not and I will try to find part time work to fit into my heavy schedule to help fund living stateside for a year.
Also, during this time it is my goal to raise $30,000 for serving another two-year commitment with Mercy Ships. The cost of serving with Mercy Ships has increased do to economical reasons and also I’ve added the cost of shipping my food to Africa. I am so thankful for your support throughout the past years and ask if you would prayerfully consider continuing to partner with me for my life long commitment to serve the Lord.

Sincerely yours,

Nicole Pribbernow

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  1. I just saw the update on the Mercy Ship and just wanted to thank you for your service to mankind.

    May GOD bless and keep you-